Therapy for Teenagers

Therapy for Teenagers

Teens and adolescents are at an interesting time of life. They are caught between being a child and an adult with a whirlwind of emotions and hormones to navigate. Even young adults deal with the challenge of transitioning into greater responsibility, which can come with many trials and feel overwhelming. SL Psychotherapy and Wellness of Kanata and Nepean in Ottawa, Ontario, offers therapy to help young people navigate and thrive during these times.

Navigating transitions

Moving from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood invites a unique number of changes and transitions in a young person’s life. Working through these various changes may bring some sense of instability or heightened emotional responses. Change can be scary sometimes! Therapy can be a supportive place to explore these experiences, share the emotional load, and learn about how to build skills to navigate change now and for the many changes in life ahead.

Expressing and Coping with Emotions

If you remember your teen years, you likely remember it’s easy to think that you’re out of place, you’re the only one who thinks a certain way, or that no one understands you.

Bottling these emotions up can be unhealthy, but a therapist can offer a safe, non-judgmental space for your teen to express themselves. They can also help your teen identify unhealthy thoughts and behaviors and support them in developing healthier ones.


Many people expect teens to have a plan for their future by the time they graduate high school, but most are still learning what they like and don’t like. A therapist can help your teen establish clarity around their values, strengths, and interests, all of which can play an important role now and in the future.

Improved Communication and Relationships

A therapist can help your teen adopt healthier relationships with friends and family members. This can be done through improving interpersonal communication, learning conflict resolution, and establishing healthy boundaries. Therapy is offered on both an individual and family basis and can be especially helpful for families who are going through a divorce or remarriage.

If you have teenagers, adolescents, or young adults in your life who seem like they need some support, encourage them to seek therapy for teens.

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