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Optimizing Sexual Experiences Group Therapy

Sign up for 16 hours of couples group therapy (offered virtually) based on lessons from this award winning book. 

We help couples struggling with intimacy co-create the sex life you've always yearned for. As the saying goes: low desire might be evidence of good judgment! This group helps you create an atmosphere in your relationship where you can experience sex worth wanting.

Over the course of 8 weekly sessions you will revitalize your sex life in a supportive, fun, and non-judgmental environment.

Whether you are experiencing low desire, desire discrepancy, anorgasmia's, health difficulties interfering with sex, or want support navigating new types of play, learning what you like, and asking for what you want— this course is for everyone!

Because everyone deserves good sex!

The workshop gives couples the opportunity to discover and communicate their sexual preferences, developing the relational conditions necessary for optimal sex, and engaging in home play in between sessions.

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Would you and your partner like to improve your sex life? 



Couples with low/no sexual desire or frequency, and/or desire discrepancy (in which one partner is more interested in sex than the other) who are interested in enhancing their sexual relationship and ready to embark on a journey to enhance their sexual experiences and relationships.  The process will involve group therapy over 16 hours. Limit of 4 to 6 couples/group.


The content of the group is based on the work of the Optimal Sexual Experiences Research Team of the University of Ottawa, including elements and facilitating factors of optimal sexual experiences as well as research on group couples therapy. The groups are part of a research project studying the effectiveness of group therapy in enhancing sexual relationships. Your participation in the research project (which is optional) consists of completing questionnaires at multiple time points. 


16 hours over a period of 8 weeks. Initial assessment will help you to determine whether these groups are right for you.

How much

 The cost is $87.50 per hour per couple ($175 per 2-hour session) for a total commitment of $1400 over 8 weeks. For context, this cost is about half of what couples typically pay for one hour of private practice sex therapy.

Your commitment 

Attendance in this group requires a commitment to homeplay with your partner. You are free to withdraw from the research and/or the groups at any time.


For more information

To arrange for an initial assessment and see if these groups would be a good fit for you, please contact Shannon at [email protected]

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