Individual Therapy

individual therapy

Individual therapy is an opportunity to grow into oneself. Each person is unique in their experience and perspective, and this is why we tailor the therapeutic process to you and work together towards your goals for growth. 

Individual Therapy can support you with: 
- Anxiety/stress management and burnout
- Depression
- Grief and Bereavement
- Trauma (e.g. assault or abuse) - Offering EMDR and Somatic Experiencing therapy
- Sex Therapy
- Discrimination (e,g., based on age, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, etc.)
- Facing Life Transitions and Unexpected Crises
- Anger Management
- Loneliness
- Coping with Chronic Illness
- Managing Conflict (Couple, Family or Workplace)
- Substance Misuse/Abuse

*note that individual themes may also impact one's relationships, so we often see couples and families who are also struggling with these areas.

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