Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

Are you or your partner not experiencing the sexual satisfaction you desire? SL Psychotherapy and Wellness of Ottawa, ON, offers sex therapy to help.

Quick Guide to Sex Therapy

Sex is an integral part of life and an important component of relationships. Unfortunately, many people struggle in this area – and many of those people aren’t sure where to turn or don’t even want to discuss these private issues.

Sex therapy can provide the space to talk and learn about how to navigate sexual dysfunction or to find higher levels of satisfaction in sex that is worth wanting.  Below, our team at SL Psychotherapy and Wellness in Ottawa, ON, explains what sex therapy is, what it isn’t, who can benefit, and more.

What Exactly Is Sex Therapy?

Therapy for sex? As you can imagine, this form of therapy is often misunderstood and even considered taboo to many people. However, the name can be deceiving.

Though we will talk about sexual themes, there is no sexual contact in sessions. It is therapy for identifying and addressing emotional, physical, and psychological issues that cause a lack of sexual interest, lack of arousal, trouble achieving sexual satisfaction, pain during sex, confidence issues, sexual dysfunction, and more.

It might seem as though this type of therapy requires all parties in a relationship, but that is not always the case. It can work for individuals who desire a more fulfilling sex life. However, it can also be provided to all parties of a relationship which is often quite successful in establishing better quality sexual experiences.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone who is not experiencing satisfaction during sex can benefit. However, some people who achieve significant benefits are those who have experienced sexual trauma. Therapy can help you address and overcome the effects of this trauma so that you can have a sex life you enjoy and feel confident about. Others who have found therapy beneficial include those with erectile disorder, premature ejaculation, female orgasmic disorder, performance anxiety, desire discrepancy, and more.

What Happens in Therapy Sessions?

The biggest factor of therapy is talking to get to the root of the issue, define it, and work to overcome it. Discussions can include everything from health and beliefs about sex to previous sexual encounters and current concerns. This information can help determine the most effective ways to overcome issues that are preventing satisfaction.

Learn more about sex therapy and whether it can benefit you with the help of SL Psychotherapy and Wellness.

You can schedule an in-person session at our Kanata or Nepean offices in Ottawa, or online throughout Ontario by calling (613) 762-8251.

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